Are you planning a vacation to Western Australia? Do you want to discover lesser-known adventurous and exciting places of the state? Then there is the list of some amazing places you should add to your list! 1 Bungle Bungle Range Bungle range in the Kimberley region is the major component of the Purnululu national park. This place is nothing short of a nature’s wonder with its beehive-shaped sandstone towers. It also comprises of conglomerates that date back to the Red Basin. You can go there and witness the marvel that has formed since 350 to 375 million years. This place has earned the status ofRead More →

Western Australia covers around one-third of the entire western part of the Australian Continent. It is one of the best holiday destinations in the world. There are plenty of interesting and fun things to do when you are here. If you are looking forward to taking a vacation to Western Australia then know about the top things do there: 1 The Basin, Rottnest Island The Basin is traveler’s top favorite among the 60 other beaches of the Rottnest Island. The crystal clear water will give a wake-up call to the water baby in you. You will be standing at the edge of the Basin justRead More →

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